German Settlers in Jablonca

KEISER is a German name, ethnically . There was a period in the history of the village when many German settlers settled along with Goral Poles, Ruthenians , Jewish and Slovakian families in Jablonca. Of course, many intermarried into Magyar families. Colonization of  abandoned villages in Northern Hungary was very popular as many Germans were invited to settle there by the Empress of Austria , Maria Theresia. Here is one of the Keiser families settled in Jablonca in 1869. There was no Lutheran church so they went to the Catholic church or converted to the Calvinist church eventually.

Some of the other ethnic German names in Jablonca in 1869 were Gretzmeyer, Keller, Herczog, Beller, Krisoff  and Zeman .

Family No. Individual No. Surname Name M F Birthyear Rel. Status Occupation work Birthplace Native
1 1 Keiser Mihaly M   1818 Ref Married Farmer   Jablonca N
  2 Lorincz Judith   F 1820 Ref Married Housewife   Szogliget N
  3 Keiser Mihaly M   1849 Ref single Farmer   Jablonca N
  4 Keiser Maria   F 1852 Ref single     Jablonca N