From Jablonca, Hungary to NYC

Lower East Side New York
Lower East Side New York

            In 1898, my great-grandmother, Maria, immigrated to New York City from the village of Jablonca, Torna - Abauj, Hungary. She was following a man who would eventually be her future husband. While she was in New York City, she lived on Attorney Street which is, luckily, still quite intact in its 19th century aura. There is a Jewish tenement history museum which portrays the Jewish immigrants' lives on the Lower East Side. Although it was not built until 1913, the original synagogue is still active around the corner from Attorney Street. The building she lived in is still standing, nicely restored in it's brick and iron railings. It had red flowers in the window when I was there to visit. I imagine she slept in the children's room or in the upper story as she was only 19 years old and in charge of the Klein children until she moved west to marry my great -grandfather in Michigan.

            If you want to read about the Stanton Street Synagogue, there is a great description of the people who are trying to save this 20 feet wide historic building on New York's lower East side from being gobbled up by the NYC urban real estate market

            The Klein families from the Jablonca 1869 census were the neighbors of Maria's family in Jablonca. Somehow they are related to the Klein family that Maria lived with in New York when she mentioned them as her employers in her in the Ellis Island ship records manifest.

County District Town House No. Family No. Indiv. No. Surname Name M F Birthyear Rel. Status Occupation Birthplace
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 81 1 1 KLEIN Hermann M   1843 Jewish Married Independent Grosa
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     2 TANCZOS Maria   F 1845 Jewish Married Housewife Gorgo
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     3 KLEIN Julianna   F 1868 Jewish     Jablonca
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     4 KLEIN Rozalia   F 1869 Jewish     Jablonca
Literacy House had 2 sleeping room  1 pantry 1 living room 1 Cellar 1 Stall 1 Oxens
Father Reads/Writes 2 1 1 1 1 1