Some Hungarian 1869'ers tips

         There is no one who has been more dedicated to helping others in Slovakian genealogy than Bill Tarkulich.  Many moons ago, when I was doing Yankee research, I knew I had to bite the bullet and swim across the ocean to do the Hungarian lines. I bumped into every Eastern European genealogical resource I could find online, I was lucky to come upon Bill's website. It's an amazing guide that kept growing and always bookmarked. He has a great description on the layout on the 1869 Hungarian census at this link :

For example, knowing that the borders of Slovakia and Hungary moved so much in working on the Hungarian 1869 census, I went to get the basics from Bill's site here :

Another exciting revelation is that some of the 1869 Hungarian census images are now online on Family Search! It is not indexed but the census is so easy to scroll through ( well, for me it is ). Basically, the format is always 4 pages for each domicile. Sometimes one domicile will have two or three families. The first page will be a count of the buildings on the property; the second and third pages lists the people and the fourth page reveals the livestock so you get a good glimpse of the families' status in this time period by their holdings. They even count how many beehives and pigs the family owns !

The forms are in Hungarian or German. Sometimes the same village will have some houses enumerated on the German forms; others on the Hungarian forms. I could never figure out why until I read that there were ethnic Germans living in many Hungarian villages that still spoke German. The Austrian governent influenced the enumerators so naturally so they would have some German forms for German - speaking settlers.

The districts that are up on Family Search under collections for Slovakia  as of November 2014 are : 

  • Abaúj-Torna
  • Bars
  • Komárom
  • Nyitra
  • Sáros
  • Szepes
  • Tolna
  • Torontál
  • Trencsén
  • Zemplém