The Innkeeper

                             In the center of Jablonca, in 1869, there was an inn. What perplexes me is that it only had two sleeping rooms, a living room and a pantry, plus an outbuilding with a cellar and two cows in the yard. Not your typical Red Roof Inn! Samuel Scheiefer, and his assistant, and the Schiefer family all lived at the inn as well. I can not imagine where the guests slept. A little research ( and reading an 19th century historical novel by Miklós Bánffy) revealed that an inn was merely a place of rest between travels. A horse and wagon is tied up, given water and hay; the rider refuels himself and has a glass of beer and maybe some goulash. If he is tired, he laid his weary head down on the table for a snooze. If the weather is inclement, they slept on the floor and benches.

                             The inn was a significant place in the villager's life. The "korcsmarosok" usually was leased out by the landlord of the village and usually sold the landlord's wine or brew, which was legally or illegally produced. Next to the inn, there was usually a general store. The courtyard and farm buildings served as storage space for the fodder. The duties of the innkeeper also included money lending and settling local village credit transactions. If he was savvy enough, the innkeeper was also able to lease a farm and move up in economic and social status.                      

County District Town House No. Family No. Indiv. No. Surname Name M F Birthyear Rel. Status Occupation work Birthplace Native or Foreigner absence Literacy
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 17 1 1 Schiefer Samuel M   1834 Mozes Married Innkeeper Renter Gorgo N   Reads/Writes
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     2 Groszmann Julianna   F 1838 Mozes Married Housewife   Gorgo N   reads
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     3 Schiefer Rozalia   F 1859 Mozes       Gorgo      
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     5 Schiefer Josef M   1862 Mozes       Udvarnok N    
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     6 Schiefer Josef M   1864 Mozes       Kortvelyas      
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     7 Schiefer Maria   F 1866 Mozes       Jablonca N    
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     8 Schiefer Hermina   F 1869 Mozes       Jablonca      
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     9 Moricz   M   1853 Mozes Single Innkeeper Assistant         Reads/Writes

The grounds :

attic sleeping room pantry living room kitchen Living or Place of Business Shop Pantry Cellar
  2 1 1   INN     1

1 with 2 cows !