Vic's Hungarian genealogy website

Vic Berecz has been working on his Hungarian family history for a long, long time. He created a tutorial on how to attempt one's genealogical research in Hungary that I have always checked now and then for updates. It's very comprehensive and answers a lot of questions about looking for your roots in Hungary. Here is how he laid out some basic questions on his FAQ page.

  • Hungary is a huge topic. You must have a focus here. What is it?
  • Will the cost and effort of tracing my family history in Hungary be worth it?
  • What are the geographical issues involved in tracing your Hungarian roots?
  • What are the chronological issues you face tracing your Hungarian roots?
  • If the Internet is so great, why not just show us how to find our ancestors there?

and so on. The section about the Timeline for Hungarian Vital Records is really worth bookmarking for a quick study before attempting records search. A lot of care and thoughtful explanations are in his methods. He also paints in a lot of historical background information that will aid the novice researcher researcher.

So do yourself a favor, and look around this very helpful website at Vic Berecz's Hungarian Tutorial.

By the way, enjoy reading his own Family's history at Berecz-Luhr's Family History which is chockfull of tenacious research, wonderful pictures and endless stories ! 



Artwork attribution "Vic the Computer Professor" by cartoonist Barney Blum, 1995.@Victor G. Berecz, Jr.