Wiki for Hungary


     Folks should be aware that the webinar - WIKI FOR GENEALOGISTS - is a great introduction to the way of the Wiki world in genealogy. It really answers many questions about how versatile wiki can be for genealogists. The ideas are endless and so well presented by the wiki genealogist,  Thomas MacEntee.

     His  webinars are featured, sometimes for free, at :
     or the preview of the wiki one is at :

    On the general subject of Hungary, Wikipedia is one resource for finding variations of the spellings of the villages /towns/cities for your family's history.   For starters, one can search village information and history at


       There is a dictionary kind of Wiki site called Wicktionary. Here are two links to the Magyar language; I especially spend hours on the category one:      

       The commons wiki site for just images, any media - - is fantastic .

        For Hungarian research, nothing tops the Wiki at Family Search  -

       There is the famous WikiMapia site which interfaces with google maps somehow . It boggles my mind how it's done . I linked an example :

       Here for the city of Debrecen : 

       Debrecen :  

       A great place to collaborate and build a family tree from your Hungarian genealogy, wiki style, is at

       Finally, last but not least ,  Hungarian cuisine can be savored at

       I only touched the subject of Wiki lightly. Thomas MacEntee's video really shows the power and breadth of the Wiki medium in genealogy.